Regular Guy Brewing...Jalapeño Blonde Ale
Lee Gilbert , Editor | Sep 8, 2014
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The fellas at Regular Guy Brewing really did an amazing job with their Jalapeño Blonde Ale. From the first pour you get a beautiful aroma of Jalapeño. The color of a golden blonde ale and the perfect amount of a foamy head cascade down the glass. With the first sip you take you can definitely tell that this brew has a wonderfully well balanced jalapeño aspect that is not too overbearing and is done just right. This brew is not too spicy but you can definitely taste the jalapeño and if you enjoy jalapeños like I do than this brew would be perfect for you! With a great after taste of jalapeño and ale this is a spectacular brew that was done perfectly! Seeing the guys at Regular Guy Brewing posting weekly pictures as they made this brew shows the love and care that they put into their craft and the beer shows that. Keep the amazing beers coming Regular Guy Brewing!!

Check out Regular Guy Brewing Here For Pictures and Updates as they brew their next round of the Jalapeño Blonde Ale and many other brews!

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