A Craft Beer Journey
Lee Gilbert , Editor | Nov 4, 2014
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Craft Beer is an industry that is growing by epic proportions, not only in the United States but all over the world. Serious beer drinkers are now realizing that their is more to their beer then what Miller and Coors can do. Craft brewers seek out those other options and with trial and error create some of the best and funkiest beers in the world. Over the past few months I have been able to check out some really cool breweries as well as many craft beer events, each time trying something new that I have yet to try or see. The world of Craft Beer is a creative and unique one...Thats what makes it so great. Here are some of my favorite moments from the summer and early fall as well as some of my favorite beers that I got to try...

Brooklyn Brewery: Although the brewery was under construction when I was there (they were expanding) it was a great visit and a great day. Upon walking in you have the option to hop on the next tour or to hang out in their tap room with friends and have some brews. The tour was shortened due to the construction but it was still enjoyable to be able to see behind the scenes of a mega craft beer brewery. The Tap Room is where most of the fun was had on that day. With long picnic style benches guests at Brooklyn Brewery are able to grab a spot bring some cards and enjoy some of the freshest and most flavorful beer in NYC. This was a great experience and I suggest that if anyone has the opportunity to check it out to please do. As the brewery was one of the first Craft Breweries in the country and was one of the strong players in the craft beer revolution.

Harbor Island Craft Beer Festival: This was one epic day of Craft Beer for me and my friends. With 150 breweries at the location and many many many beers to enjoy this festival was perfect. With many amazing food trucks on hand, Half Time Beverage did an amazing job at putting this craft beer festival on for the first time and I cant wait for the second run of it next year!

Autumn Harvest Craft Beer Festival: This is a future festival as it will be starting next week on October 31st to November 1st. With 75 different craft breweries coming and over 150 different beers to try this craft beer celebration will be one to remember. With three different ticket options ranging from $39 to $85 the options are amazing. With amazing breweries like Allagash, Greenport Harbor, Rogue, Left Hand Brewing, Radiant Pig, and many more this is going to be an amazing festival. Check out all the information here...I am very excited for this one it should be a great festival and if you are around the NYC area you should get your tickets today!

Jalapeño Blonde Ale by Regular Guy Brewing: This was a real treat for me this summer. The guy at Regular Guy Brewing were kind enough to send me their Jalapeño Blonde Ale. This was a truly spectacular beer made by amazing people in a true Craft Beer environment. With dedication and hard work the fellas at Regular Guy Brewing create amazing brews and hopefully one day will be selling them all over the world!

Fat Heads Head Hunter IPA: I can’t get enough of this beer. Wow it is amazing and any hop head would be happy with this brew. The aroma that hits you is amazing, and filled with citrus and hoppy smells. The tropical fruits and medium body with just the right amount of hoppiness and bitterness is perfect and keeps your mouth and pallet happy. The rush of flavors that hits your taste buds is one of a kind. This beer is epic!

The Sudsy Celebration: A Craft Brewer's Wedding: This was one of the best stories from the summer. A couple that absolutely loves Craft Beer decided that they would brew their own beer for their wedding so that guests would be able to enjoy something they created together as they celebrate their future together. What a great idea with this one here and I will have to do the same for my wedding!

Dry Dock Apricot Blonde: Dry Dock Apricot Blonde is summer in a can! The color is a hazy yellowish orange with very light carbonation and a thin ring for a head. Aroma is a deep apricot scent. It has a medium body with a crisp mouth feel. The flavor is sweet giving mellow apricot up front and just a hint of white pepper in the back. After taste is clean with a note of the fruit hanging on. This beer is very well balanced and it is a great choice if you can find it. Overall this beer is very tasty and perfectly refreshing for those hot summer days by the pool!

Hill Farmstead Citra Single Hop Pale Ale: Pours a softly pale lemon yellow with a hazy little blush inside. A creamy head of white foam that fell slowly and left good lace. Nose is bright lemon peel. As it warms some tropical mango and beautiful floral come forward. Light and flaky biscuit, with a drizzle of honey. Floral and sweet herbal back notes. Taste is lovely and even delicate. This beer has a superb mouth feel. The hops are floral and lemony. The bright lemon peel with the citric tartness lightly underneath. The tropical softer stone fruits in this are permeating the drink for a juicy and ripe taste. There is a moderate but very soft bitter that is just one of the best bitters to enjoy, Light easy to drink and very flavorful. This beer will be an instant favorite.

The Craft Beer world is one that is very exciting. People are starting to fall in love with the fact that craft beer is outside of the box and breweries will continue to keep trying new recipes no matter how funky they get. The Craft Beer movement is a strong one and I cant wait to see how it continues to grow and change over the next year.

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